Tagesarchiv: 15. Dezember 2008

„Arts of the wise leader“


Noch auf der Suche nach einem guten Weihnachtsgeschenk? Dann hier ein Tip:

Als wir letzes Jahr in Neuseeland waren hatten wir die Chance bei einigen Vorträgen und Gesprächen von Mark mit dabei zu sein. Es war sehr cool währen des ganzen Jahrs zu beobachten, wie er mit den Leuten am College zusammen, die gesamte Kultur einer Hochschule durch Konversation in Integrität, Gnade, Schönheit und Weisheit um gebastelt hat. Eine sehr coole und ermutigende Sache! Veränderung ist möglich.
Schon allein daher möchte ich sein neues Buch: „Arts of the wise leader“ empfehlen. Wenn du englisch liest ist es ein absolutes muss für das Buchregal.

Für uns war es eine prägende Zeit mit dabei zu sein wie das ganze College und auch wir selbst durch den Dialog der stattfand verändert wurden. Die Vorträge, Gespräche und auch das lesen des Buchs haben uns beide nicht nur intellektuell und in unserer Persönlichkeit bereichert sondern uns auch Handwerkszeug gegeben, um auch in unserem Umfeld Dinge zum Guten hin zu verändern. Wer Interesse daran hat Beziehungen, Gemeinde, Gesellschaft,… positiv zu gestalten, der sollte zugreifen. Das lesen des Buches war auch sehr hilfreich, um gute Antworten auf die Fragen und Probleme zu finden, die ich mit den meisten Konzepten und Vorstellungen von Leiterschaft hatte.

As Nora a I stayed in New Zealand we had the privilege to listen to some talks from Mark and observe how he worked with the people at the college to change the whole culture of a tertiary institution through conversation in integrity, grace beauty and wisdom. Great stuff!
Therefor I like to recommend his latest book: „Arts of the wise leader“. His talks on the book and reading it helped us heeps to bring our own life more into sync with the big picture. It was also very helpful to find a good answer to the questions and problems I had with most concepts of leadership.

Here some other statements:

The modern story Mark tells is a living expression of wisdom: It is powerful because it is intensely personal and utterly frank. Jim Ireland, World Health Organization

Mark Strom partnered us for two years in changing our culture. Now with almost a completely new staff from when he was with us, our culture continues to deepen with integrity, grace beauty and wisdom. Toni MacKinnon, School Principal, Australia

I found Arts enlightening, intellectually stimulating and a useful framework for the conversations I have every day. Ann Austin, Lend Lease, Australia

The advice in this small charged book will last a lifetime…This is fine writing and a joy to read. Bob Harvey, Mayor Waitakere City, New Zealand

The Arts is unlike any leadership course or book I’ve ever experienced…(it) renewed my passion for leading and positively impacting the people and businesses I’m fortunate enough to be a part of. Jamie Nielsen, Nova Chemicals, Canada

The Arts of the Wise Leader presents a compelling case of being human in management and leadership…Mark’s premise is ultimately simple and applicable – have conversations that bring life in people. Martin Tan, Director, Young Leaders Foundation, Singapore

The workshop has had a lasting effect on my personal and business life. Peter Achterstraat, former Chief Commissioner State Revenue, Australia

This story can do huge good…very compelling. Steve Biddulph, author of Manhood and Raising Boys

Mark Strom is simply the best teacher I have had the privilege to work with. He is cerebally challenging, remarkably inspiring and totally human. Mark Diamond, School Principal, Australia

If you are on a journey to make your life extraordinary…then time spent with the Arts of the Wise Leader is special time. Terry Kearney, Assistant Director-General, Education Queensland

„This book moved me deeply, partly because of the strength and beauty of its writing, partly because of Mark’s own story but mostly because it inspired me to hope that things could be different from how they’ve always been.“ Andrea Candy, Auckland, New Zealand.