When I was 19 I broke my back snowboarding. After recovering from the accident I still went boarding but for quite a long time I only went free riding. Just the thought of jumping brought back the memories of pain, the hard work of rehabilitation and even worse, if I was approaching a kicker I started to sweat and felt quite bad… .
Yesterday Nora and I went boarding, cause it was a public holiday here in Japan.
As we were cruising around I saw two quite nice looking jumps and instantly thought, man you still know what to do, know how it feels and so on… so I just dialled a front side 3 over a medium sized kicker and stomped it. I was so stoked that I just did it four times in a row.
Why did I wait 13 years for that?
I guess fear. Fear was holding me back.

I think there are many people who in a different area are hold back by fear (often they even don’t know from where it comes). But people are reluctant to start to really think through the claims of Jesus Christ and to check their own belief systems foundations.

If you are one of them I like to encourage you to overcome this fear.
If you don’t know Christ, I really mean to know him, no only stories about him, start to search him, study the new testament, challenge your own thought-belief system and check out somebody to help you with it! Don’t let a fear or what ever hold you back from it!

If you know Jesus, I think, it’s a good reminder to not be controlled by fear and live in sync with who you are in Christ in all parts of life.
„For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (spirit of fear in some translations), but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.“ (2.Timothy 1,7)

… and now back to study some more Japanese

Eine Antwort zu “360°

  1. Ui, krasse Geschichte und sehr ermutigend!

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