Super Gau / nuclear meltdown in Japan

Bei uns gleich um die Ecke, also in Russland, wurde keine erhöhte Strahlung gemessen!!!
Wir hoffen, dass die Lage nicht noch mehr außer Kontrolle gerät.
Wenn du für die Menschen hier in Japan spenden willst, dann wende dich bitte an ÜMG/OMF Deutschland

No change has been detected in radiation levels in the Russian far east, which borders Japan, the country’s top health inspector, Gennady Onishchenko, tells Interfax news agency. The situation is being monitored around the clock, with experts who tracked the Chernobyl disaster on stand-by if the situation deteriorates.

For donations please read on further:
The Sendai Earthquake Relief Fund, an OMF Japan project, has been created to channel funds for this effort. Anyone wishing to contribute to this project may do so through the OMF office in their country. (Working through your local OMF office is faster, less expensive and less complicated than arranging international bank transfers to Japan). Please quote project number L60500.

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